Personal Support

We're here for you. Talk to our customer care experts about your victories, your struggles, and everything in between.


We've Walked in Your Shoes

This is not your average customer support team. Here at Smile Bariatric®, our customer care experts are a unique team of individuals who truly understand your situation - because they've been there, too.

When you speak with one of our agents, you're talking to a friend and confidant who has also undergone bariatric surgery. Your personal concierge is available for questions, comments, or concerns about any part of your bariatric journey.


Meet Your Personal Concierge

Inika started her WLS journey 9 years ago - and now she's ready to help you on yours!

"I applied for a position in customer care and when I was told what the company does and what they stand for - I was sold!

Now, not only do I work as a Personal Concierge, but I am also an Ambassador for Smile Bariatric®. Having weight loss surgery years ago, it feels good knowing there is a company that has my back when it comes to my health and the health of our customers.

Amazing company, amazing product!"