3 Companies, 1 Amazing Experience

Smile Bariatric®, Tespo®, & Baritastic® work together seamlessly to improve and simplify your daily routine.

Bringing It All Together

How It Works

Smile Bariatric® products easily integrate with the Tespo® Connect Dispenser & the Bariatastic® App to keep your routine simple.

Connect your dispenser to the app to track intake, set daily reminders, and so much more!
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Innovative Pods

Our patented pods hold 31 servings of pure, powdered ingredients, sealed fresh until time of consumption. And we mean PURE - no GMO’s, no sugar, no fillers, no binders, no artificial colors, no pill processing - EVER.
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Here’s where the powder-to-liquid magic happens. The Tespo® Connect Dispenser knows what pod you inserted and mixes the perfect vitamin serving each and every time.
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Finally, a modern solution to your daily supplement needs. Our liquid vitamins are easily swallowed and reduce the upset stomach that comes with pills. Plus, they taste great!
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Easily connect to your Tespo® Connect Dispenser to help improve compliance by tracking food intake, setting reminders, monitoring exercise, and managing your weight loss. Plus, access to support groups and so much more!
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Pods are what makes premium quality possible.

We set out on a mission to craft a cleaner, more convenient vitamin. What we discovered was that this simply wasn't possible with the current delivery methods and technology. So we developed our own.

• No pill processing - EVER
• Free-form powder ingredients
• NO binding agents or fillers
• Environmentally sealed
• NO artificial colors
• 31 individual servings per pod
• Freshly mixed with water for a delicious dose
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Hello nutrition, meet technology.

Meet the machine that’s going to simplify your life! Insert your vitamin pod and let the Tespo® Connect Dispenser handle the mixing ratios.

• Freshly mixes your vitamins
• Track servings & progress in the app
• Manages recipes by pod
• Convenient serving cup
• Simple, 1-button operation

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Liquid = a better way to take a better vitamin.

We check ALL of the boxes - because vitamins shouldn’t just be good, they should taste good, too.

• Fruit derived flavors
• NO upset stomach
• Zero sugar
• No chalky aftertaste
• Zero calories
• 1-3 oz. dose
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The amazing app that ties it all together.

The number #1 bariatric app in the world seamlessly integrates with Smile Bariatric® products to keep you happy, healthy, and on track.

• Connect to your bariatric program
• Track intake and set reminders
• Find resources and support groups
• Journal your progress with notes and photos
• Find nutritious recipes
• Log calories
• Track exercise
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