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We said we want to be there for you - and we meant it. All Smile Bariatric® products seamlessly integrate with the Baritastic® App to ensure you never miss a step on your unique weight loss surgery journey.

Improve compliance, track nutrition and weight loss, set daily reminders for vitamins and supplements, gain access to social support groups, learn diet guidelines and nutritious recipes, & SO much more!

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"I’ve used several logging apps, including paid apps. Baritastic® is absolutely the best I have used. User-friendly, great support. It shows me what I need to see in order to be successful after my VSG surgery. Some things that make it TIP TOP: it shows protein first, that’s the biggest goal. There’s a place for vitamins and hydration. Timers for drinking and chewing. The feature for adding my own recipes is AMAZING, just incredibly useful. Love that I can use different measurements in logging. My calories are displayed prominently. I can log my physical weight, and look back at my progress. Those are just SOME things that make this app the best. It’s pretty, easy to use, doesn’t glitch, it’s very encouraging. I’m super grateful to the developers for making such a useful tool."


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The Baritastic® App is so much more than nutrition & weight tracking.

• Track inches lost

• Setup daily reminders for water, protein, bariatric vitamins, & more

• Add photos displaying your progress

• Track hunger, happiness, & bowel movements

• Integrate wearable devices to track exercise & steps

• Access nutritious, bariatric friendly recipes

Water tracking

• Track your BMI

• Countdown to bariatric surgery & track since surgery

• Bite timer to help slow down consumption

• The BEST bariatric program and resources to keep you supported & educated

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Stay healthy. Stay happy. Stay on track with your weight-loss goals.

Monitoring and compliance is the name of the game. Once you connect, the Baritastic® App can:

• Monitor your progress

• Create patient journal reports detailing your nutrition, exercise, & more

• Set up automatic reminders

• Remind you of key milestones

• Alert you for missed water goals and food logging

• Proactively support and reach out when you gain weight

• Track your pre-gastric bypass or duodenal switch surgery checklist

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Connect to your personal Bariatric Program.

Obtain content that is specific to your unique journey. Access your program’s:

• Diet guidelines

• Discharge instructions

• Patient portal

• Education modules

• Vitamin & supplement guidelines

• Bariatric surgery patients’ success stories

• Support services

• & SO much more!

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